Five Ways You Can Help

1) Share information with your community and on social media, and include Parent Teacher Associations / Organizations (PTAs / PTOs). Talk with your friends about our County’s fiscal situation. Like the #IamFCPS Facebook page and share our posts.

2) Support elected officials who can represent you and collaborate with others to fix the broken budget process in Fairfax County. We need need leaders who not only identify the gaps and problems in revenue, but actually create and implement plans for solving them. In November 2019, all members of the County Board of Supervisors and the County School Board are up for election. Be sure to vote, (register or check registration here), and help those who are running!

3) Attend and speak at public budget meetings. Check the information on the home page about meeting schedules and the budget development timeline. Critical meetings begin in January.

4) Write to your local elected officials and say that you care about school funding! Our Action Center makes it easy and quick to share your message. Updated Action Center coming soon!

5) Donate to #IamFCPS. The #IamFCPS campaign is led by volunteers. Every dollar donated helps to reach members of our community to educate them about our school funding crisis, and offer ways to get involved. Thank you!